Where to eat breakfast in Cracow

Where to eat breakfast in Cracow

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Eating breakfast in the restaurants is not so popular in Poland, so if you stay out of the city center it must be hard to find sucha a place. But of course Kazimierz and Main Square has a few good places where you can start your day, enjoying the fact that most people are at work now. For me one of the most important factors when choosing the place for breakfast during the travels is location. I have to eat something as soon as possible after I wake up, so I would always look for a nice place to eat a breakfast in the area where I stay. In this case even 10 minutes makes a diffrence and I can turn into a whiny princess, if I walk one block too far. That's why I segragete the places I like by districts.


Ranny Ptaszek,
Augustiańska 5

Cute breakfast bar run by mother and daughter on the corner of Paulińska and Augustiańska. The best is to go there during the weekday, when there is less people (gets very crowded on weekends) and sit by the big, open window from where you can watch people that passing by. 


ranny ptaszek

Dwa Okna Cafe,
Józefa 40

Having a breakfast in such a beautiful secret garden is the way to start a day. Menu.

brakfast-cracow (1)

brakfast-cracow (2)

breakfast_cracow (2)

Moja cafe, Starowiślna 14

Cosy plave serving breakfast all day. They have vegan and vegetarian options. Menu.


Hummusija, Meiselsa 4

If you love hummus, this is the place for you. Cute bistro where everyone sit around one table, talking to the owners and watching them prepare food. 


humus_cracow (2)

Bagelmama, Dajwór 10

People from all over the world go for bagels to New York, but did you know that it come from Kraków and Kazimierz in specific? In the jewish community bagel was given to a new mother after she gave a birth. The round form symbolizes circle of life. Then jewish emigrated to United States and took the bagel with them, making it one of the most popular american meal. In Cracow we have one place that serves only bagels with the classic ones in the menu


Hamsa, Szeroka 2

Isreali resto bar which I really love for breakfast. Check the menu.



Kolanko, Józefa 17

It's a breakfast classic place. They have a breakfast buffet - for 20 pln you can eat as much as you want.


Moment, Estery 22

Another classic place for breakfast. I think they have the most varied menu and always seasonal and regional breakfasts.


 Picnic by the river

If the weather is nice, I would recommend you to buy fresh bread from Piekarnia Mojego Taty bakery and fresh products from Hala Targowa and go by the river. You can also pick up some fruits like apples and pears from the tree at Bulwary Wiślane.

breakfast_cracow (3)


Wesoła Cafe, Rakowicka 17

This breakfast/lunch spot is first of all known for it's great coffee and good food, but also, what is very importnat from a tourist point of view - is very close (3 minutes walk) from the main bus station in Cracow. I always recommend it to my airbnb guests, when they arrive before the check-in, especially in the morning. There is no better way to start a new realtionship (any relationship really, but this time with Cracow) than with a good coffe. 


      "It's better to drink coffee than not to"

wesola (2)

                                  Vegetarian set

wesola 3

Lokalna, Zwierzyniecka 25

When I go to a new country, I like to try local products and recipes, because that's what makes your trip exceptional. Lokalna (means local in polish) based their menu on this concept and you can feel it. Even a simple sandwich is sooo good, because their make the bread at the spot in a wood burning oven. 


Charlotte, Plac Szczepański 2

They bake their own bread and serve it with homemade choclate and marmolades. 



Zabłocie is the district where Schinlder's Factory is located and I know it's a place that many of you have on their list. These both places are just next to the factory and Museum of Modern Art (MOCAK). 

Orzo, Lipowa 4a

They serve 1 zloty breakfast during the week days, so sometimes you have to wait in the line (but not so long, about 10 minutes).



BAL, Ślusarka 9

Bal is a very cool place where you just want to eat it all (yes, yes, I had cake for breakfast)




They say (and by they I mean - food bloggers, local people) that this bakery serve the best breakfasts in Cracow. Dębniki is not in the city center, but it's not far either and I recommend to have a walk around this neighbourhood. If you do, step by Zaczyn for breakfast or to buy their amazing bread


There is more cool breakfast spots and I will be adding them with time. I hope this list help you enjoy my city from early morning :)

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Where to eat breakfast in Cracow

Where to eat breakfast in Cracow

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Where to eat breakast in Cracow

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