Street food in Cracow

Street food in Cracow

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Street food is very popular in Cracow and getting even more and more with the food truck trends over the last few years. 5 years ago it was only kebabs evrywhere which I am not a very big fan of. But this is what police guys always eat (is it the same in your country?). Anyway, if you want to try something typically polish, here is the list:

Zapiekanka - the queen of polish street food

We talked about Zapiekanka in one of our videos

Jimi is talking about zapiekanka at Plac Nowy in Cracow. This is where drunk people go after parties before going home. Night is definetly the time to eat zapiekankas but it's open also during the day. Called "PRL pizza" is half of a baguette baked with cheese and other stuff like mushrooms, chieves, roasted onions, chicken etc. I usually go with something classic as cheese, mushrooms, ketchup but I really like the one with oscypek (regional cheese from the mountains, very salty) and cranberries (yammmy!).

 Food trucks

Judah square (Wawrzyńca 16) In the begining I mentioned the food truck trend which started in Cracow few years ago at Judah Square turning this little alley into the hip place, always full of people. 

What can you eat there?

Frytki belgijskie - people go crazy over these belgian fries - they are much thicker that normal fries but I have to say that the best thing about this truck for me is service. I've been there so many times and they always smile. I always eat fries with ketchup, but they have diffrent kind of sauces. If you go with this cupon, you have 10% off. 

Kumpir - Potato - my true big love! Kumpir is a baked potato with filling usually served with sour cream. It's a very filling dish ecpecially when you choose the rich option.


Andrus - it's a polish version of burger

There are two more food truck parks at Kazimierz. One at Dajwór 21 where I can recommed you "Gruzja na kółkach" with georgian food (made by 100% Georgian) and another one at Ciemna street where you should try Trdelnik - traditional slovak pastery - rolled dough wrapped around a stickand then topped with sugar or nutella and nuts. 

Soup to go

Zupa soup bar, Warszauera 3

Instead of grabbing a cup of coffe, you can have a cup of soup and just walk around with it. It's a good choice for someone who is not very hungry and just want to warm the stomache. 

Curry up!

Very good asian street food at litlle bistro where they have few tables for you to eat in, but I love to do is to buy takeaway and go eat at Plac Wolnica (just sitting on the street usually) and watch people. 


Sasuages from the blue van

This is oldschool. Two guys selling grilled sausages from their van by Hala Targowa every night except from Sunday from 8pm to 3 am. It's worth to go there just to see them! This interview is in polish, but you can take how it looks like.

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